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PHOTOSET 58 | Green green Lycra shorts and blue lycra t-shirt

	Green green Lycra shorts and blue lycra t-shirt

204 photos in this set + FREE VIDEO

Clothes used in this photoset:
Shiny light green lycra/spandex shorts and  light blue  shiny licra / spandex t-shirt.

Size: 60 MB   Format: ZIP

Free video !!!

Download totally free the video with the "making of"

A Full HD video with a resolution of 1920x1080px with a duration of 4:57 minutes!
In the video you can see the entire sequence of photo taking session, unfortunately is not suitable for sale because the lens is a little fogged by condensation, and the quality is not optimal. So I decided to give it away free just for visiting this site:)

Use these links to download:



Copyright information: this video has all rights reserved The copyright of the video belongs to Although the video is offered at no charge, you can not distribute the video without permission. (You can publish our download links)This is a limited time offer.
Price: 3€
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